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All About Cedar Creek Lake

On one hand, Cedar Creek Lake is the epitome of peacefulness and tranquility - a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. On the other hand, Cedar Creek Lake is the perfect place for activity - water or jet ski, fishing, golf, sailing, or biking. In other words - Cedar Creek Lake has it all.

Cedar Creek Lake was created in 1964 as a water reservoir for Tarrant County. Cedar Creek Lake spans roughly 38,000 water surface acres and approximately 328 miles of shoreline. Cedar Creek Lake is one of the very few lakes in Northeast Texas that allows property ownership of the waterfront with the ability to have your own private boathouse. It is one of the largest lakes in Texas and is known for both its excellent fishing and abundant area for watersports. The short commute to the Dallas/Fort Worth ( DFW) area is a big benefit - to both "weekenders" or recreational second home owners that permanently live in DFW and those permanent residents that commute to DFW for work or entertainment. Cedar Creek Lake has also been recognized as one of the best places in the country to live for retirement.

Cedar Creek Lake is the centerpiece of numerous small towns surrounding the lake. These small towns collectively account for over 50,000 permanent residents. Permanent residents, weekenders and visitors will find an ample selection of retail shopping areas, country clubs, fine restaurants, and entertainment. Excellent local schools and an abundant choice of church affiliations round out a complete package.

Johnson Monroe, Realtors is proud of the Cedar Creek Lake area and equally proud to be a leader in sales at Cedar Creek Lake for 38 years! Please allow us the opportunity to introduce you to the best lake in East Texas - Cedar Creek Lake.