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I was told by my best friend Sam ( Yvonne) Wise many, many years ago that I was put on this earth to take care of people. In my words, I do believe that I was put here to "help people". One of my best mentors, Wanda Bell, told me when I first started to work for her, "I can fix ANYTHING as long as you tell me the truth". I have lived by that statement during my thirty-five years of selling real estate. Another thing I believe is that we go through things in life so that we can do what we are meant to do even better. Buyer's remorse, seller's remorse, I'm not ready yet, are just a few of them. I have empathy because I have lived through several of them myself. Another thing that I do is listen - God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

My whole career as a REALTOR® had been right here at Cedar Creek Lake and I love it. I know this lake like the back of my hand, on the water and on the land. I never tire of showing the same house over and over, for every time I see something new. I learn new things every day. There are several houses here at Cedar Creek lake that I have sold several times. I will give you all of the information that you will need (good, bad and ugly) in order for you to make a good decision for you. I not only treat people the way I want to be treated, but more importantly, I treat the the way THEY want to be treated.

Yes, I have a wall of awards and plaques for positions, production and charities, but most cherished award is the "Johnson Monroe Appreciation Award" in 2007. That award is not for money - it is for giving of yourself in service to others.

Life has taught me a lot of things and yes, material things are nice, but that will not help you sleep at night. Doing what is right allows me to lay down at night and sleep like a baby.

Multi-Million Dollar Producer

Realtor since 1984

Realtor/Broker since 1994

Endowed member in good standing of Gun Barrel City #1114

Order of the Eastern Star, member since December 1987

Chairman of the board of International Order of the Rainbow for Girls #369 (Masonic Youth)

Volunteer for "Meals on Wheels"

Women's Council of Realtors member since 1986

WCR president for the years of 1990 & 1998

Realtor of the year for HCBR 1996 & 2003

First President of HCBR that was not a broker at the time 1991

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